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Retaissance is now in its community-building stage and brand showcases will start appearing on the site. A number of our brands already have some fantastic showcases live and we’re expecting many more to be prepared over the coming weeks, so be sure to keep checking back.

Welcome to the Wholesale Revolution

Retaissance is a first-of-its-kind digital B2B marketplace for brands to showcase their products to retail buyers in Britain, Europe and beyond.

We are kick-starting the growth of retail in the post-COVID-19 era, and building a community framework that promotes trading and facilitates the sharing of knowledge as markets develop. Retaissance connects brands and buyers in all year, anytime online trade, building resilience in independent retail and the surrounding ecosystem.

We’re more than just a network. We provide insight and support to independent brands and buyers, and help them navigate the changes to buying cycles, trans-seasonality, sustainability, global market expectations and consumer behaviour during these turbulent times.

Working together with brands and buyers of all sizes, we:

Brilliant for Brands

We provide a digitised trading platform that removes the cost barriers of accessing new markets, helping you to reach and connect with your ideal stockists quickly and effectively.

Retaissance allows you to showcase your products and communicate directly with key contacts and decision makers at buyers you connect with - with minimal gatekeeping and no guesswork required. As well as forming valuable trade partnerships, you’ll receive useful feedback on your products and brand, with direct advice from buyers to help you succeed in the sector.

You’ll also enjoy full unlimited access to our blog and news to help you grow your understanding of the industry, and stay up to date with the latest local and global developments, forecasts and trends from key industry figures and our media partners.

Build an always-on showcase of your products
Low cost subscription, no commission
Connect with leading buyers and increase sales
The best global network to open up markets at home & abroad
Retaissance is pleased to support its industry partners
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Best for Buyers

Discover the best performing and the newest up-and-coming brands from around the world - completely free.

Retaissance is suitable for wholesale stockists of all sizes - whether you’re a small independent retailer or leading a team of buyers. Using fully customisable profiles and smart algorithms, our platform helps you discover new brands and develop a unique and original portfolio.

Find products available on short order, low MOQ and in stock, and browse brands and products by style, features, values and more. Retaissance highlights each label’s best pieces, with high resolution images, 360 views and dynamic zoom for the extra details. Wholesale documents and files, including line-sheets and look-books are made available in one place.


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