Welcome to the Retail Revolution - Wholesale rewritten

New Ways to Grow Sales, reach new stockists and improve your bottom line.

Opening up a fair playing field

Not just a B2B marketplace

Retaissance's add-on services, take care of everything an independent brand needs to drive sales and control costs.

Our platform gives you all the best tools to sell successfully, and you only pay for what you need.

This includes-Wholesale management, sales agent, lead generation, market sizing, target lists, PR and Media, photography, brand asset creation, order management system, translation service, events and follow ups. E-commerce website building and hosting through to fulfilment and logistics support.


Retail Redesigned

Increase global sales through multiple sales channels.

We work with retailers in:

  • wholesale bricks and mortar (B2B)
  • pure play (B2B)
  • marketplaces (B2B2C)
  • direct to consumer buying groups (D2C)
  • pop ups (D2C)
  • in-store events(D2C)
  • trunk shows (D2C)

Showcase your Brand

Retaissance is a revolutionary trading model that gives brands the tools, access and control to enable trade globally.

Upload all your brand assets to an always on showcase
Set up a digital profile and product list
Track and filter your products with key attributes MOQ's, seasons and delivery windows
Tell your brand story

Friends with the world's leading retailers

Retaissance clients are stocked in top retailers, marketplaces and independent stores around the world.


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