Brilliant for Brands

We provide a digitised trading platform that removes the cost barriers of accessing new markets, helping you to reach and connect with your ideal stockists quickly and effectively.

Retaissance allows you to showcase your products and communicate directly with key contacts and decision makers at buyers you connect with - with minimal gatekeeping and no guesswork required. As well as forming valuable trade partnerships, you’ll receive useful feedback on your products and brand, with direct advice from buyers to help you succeed in the sector.

You’ll also enjoy full unlimited access to our blog and news to help you grow your understanding of the industry, and stay up to date with the latest local and global developments, forecasts and trends from key industry figures and our media partners.

Build an always-on showcase of your products
Connect with leading buyers and increase sales
The best global network to open up markets at home & abroad

Choose the membership that works for you

To help support the recovery of European retail from its recent challenges, Retaissance offers a free access-level subscription that puts your brand in front of our network of European buyers, and includes a profile builder and online showcasing tools to highlight up to 100 products of your choice.

Two premium subscription tiers are also available, should you want additional lead generation campaigns or need a dedicated wholesale manager to handle your strategy and approach to trading in the UK and Europe.

* Average open rate 25% - estimated exposure to 125 buyers per campaign.
** Ad runs for one-week, additional ad time available as add-on purchase.

Retaissance also offers a number of add-on services that take care of everything you need to drive sales and control your costs. The more activity and support you require to grow your brand, the more we can offer.

Our support packages can cover everything you need from sales and marketing to fulfilment, including:

  • Sales Strategy Consultation
  • Lead Generation
  • Sample Pack Creation and Distribution
  • Photography Services
  • Sales Materials Design & Creation
  • Retaissance Profile and Showcase Building
  • Order Management & Payment Process Setup
  • E-commerce Website Building and Hosting
  • Fulfilment & Logistics Support


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